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Debian is a completely free Linux distro made by volunteers. One of its features is APT, an advanced software package management system. Debian has a reputation of being a very stable distro, and it's very popular especially among the more experienced Linux users.
The home page of Debian GNU/Linux project.

Unofficial APT repositories
A place for people to share useful APT sources. You can search the packages and submit your own repositories.

Searchable package database
A list of all packages in Debian. The list includes links to pages with more detailed information about each package, and you can search the list on package names and descriptions.
A place for discussing Debian issues and getting help with your Debian problems. new
Aimed at providing simple and easy help, tips and tricks and support articles to Debian users ranging from beginners to experts. new
Practical tips and tricks for Debian beginners and intermediate users. Covers the most common problems involving Debian on the desktop.

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