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Linux 2.0 Penguins
The classic Tux pics, by Larry Ewing, the creator of Tux.

Tux Gallery
A picture gallery of the Linux mascot. Tux gallery contains traditional Tux pictures, variations of them, and some alternative penguin graphics.

World Famous Tux Gallery
In addition to the Linux penguin pics, WFTG contains other Tux stuff and a picture gallery of the BSD daemon.

The LWN Penguin Gallery
A collection of the "derivative" penguins from all over the net.

Penguin Art
A gallery of penguin portraits and artwork.

Gigaperls Linux penguins
A little different penguin pics, some of them in colors of national flags.

The Penguin Dance
Animated penguins. Lots of them. I won't take responsibility for any browser crashes, headaches, or epileptic seizures caused by this page.

ASCII penguins
A bunch of ASCII penguin pics.

The kernel
The code of the Linux kernel, turned into ASCII art. Can you get any more geeky than this?

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