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Resources for those who are planning to switch to Linux or have just started using the penguin OS. Control-Escape provides straightforward, easy-to-understand articles and tutorials, as well as links to more Linux docs.
An excellent website for learning the Linux command line. Learn the shell, write shell scripts, browse indexed man pages and more. This is a must for every Linux newbie!

A community driven Linux help site that provides a discussion forum, Wiki, and Plain English Tutorials, written by the members of the community.
Resources for new Linux users. has sections for things like tips, news, security issues, software, and howto documents.

The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide
Step by step introduction for complete newbies to Linux. The guide assumes almost no computer knowledge but doesn't treat you like an idiot, guides you through choosing a Linux distribution and installing it (step-by-step graphical walk through of Ubuntu 5.10 included), as well as provides information about installing software and much more that a newbie just needs to know.

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