< Me, myself and I >

Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Nana Långstedt.

In case you're wondering what that weird A with a circle on top of it is, it's Å, a Swedish O. It's usually pronounced as an O. You see, Swedes don't pronounce the ordinary O as an O, so they need a separate character for something that should be pronounced as an O. I know, Swedes are funny like that.

If you're not a Swede, you can just call me Nana. And yes, it's a girl's name!

< Occupation >

I'm studying at Turku University of Applied Sciences to become a Bachelor of Engineering. I'm specializing in software development for embedded systems, which means a lot of tinkering with C and trying to make my code work on obscure platforms with very limited resources. I'm masochistic like that.

I also have a background in chemistry, especially biochemistry. I'm a qualified lab technician and I've studied biochemistry at the University of Turku. However, I figured I should just follow my geeky calling and become an IT engineer. Perhaps, some day, I might be able to combine these two professions.

I'm married to a guy who's studying Computer Science. Yes, we're both geeks.

< Hobbies >

My hobbies include (surprise surprise) fiddling with Linux. I've been using Linux since 1998, and I used it exclusively for quite a few years. These days I'm using Windows as well, mostly because I'll need it in my future nifty job as an IT engineer and partly because some things are just easier with it. And, to be honest, Windows XP is a pretty good OS. But Vista? Oh, don't get me started on that.

As you probably guessed, I'm very interested in (X)HTML, CSS, usability issues, and web design in general. Social media interests me as well, not only as an addiction, but as a social and psychological phenomenon as well.

In addition to classical geekery, I'm interested in psychology, physics, chemistry, photography, cooking, and of course fine wines. I'm also, quite stereotypically I'm afraid, a huge fan of this particular old retro futuristic scifi series made back in the 20th century, featuring pointy-eared people, strange new worlds, and a charismatic starship captain. My newest interest is learning to become a Grey-Haired C Guru.

< Me Finn, me speak funny >

Maybe, after reading some of my ramblings, you're wondering if I'm high, drunk or dyslexic. Nope. My English is a bit weird because it's not my native language. I'm from Sweden, live currently in Finland, and speak Finnish as my native language. So, I guess you can forgive me the speling adn gramer errers and random oddities in my English text.

Especially the differences between British and American English drive me crazy: at school, we're taught British English, but I'm more used to hearing and speaking American English. To further confuse myself, I would love to move to Australia one day!

So. Finland. Please don't tell me you know nothing about Finland. You're probably aware of at least some of these things:

  • Mika Häkkinen, Mika Salo, and Kimi Räikkönen (Yay! More A's and O's with weird stuff on top of them!)
  • Nokia
  • Sibelius, Nightwish, and Lordi
  • Linus Torvalds and Linux
  • A kickass army
  • Nana Långstedt of course! ;-)

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