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About your files on Linux
What you need to know about the files on your Linux system. Learn how Linux treats file names, what are hidden files and directories, and how to use the file command to determine the type of a file.

Linux file permissions and ownership
The basics of file ownership and permissions on Linux. Learn to understand who are the owners of a file or directory, how the file permissions work and how you can view them, and learn how to set basic file permissions yourself.

How to change a file's owner and group
Learn how to change the owner and group ownership of files and directories with the chown and chgrp commands.

How to view text files with cat and less
Learn how to view text files with cat and less. A short list of the most common less commands is also included.

Copying, moving, renaming, and removing files
How to use the Linux command line as a file manager. Learn how to copy, move and delete files under Linux with the cp, mv and rm commands.

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