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Linux keyboard shortcuts

Modified: 05 Sep 2009
Category: Tips and cheat sheets
Description: There are several keyboard shortcuts in Linux. They're a must-know because they can make your life a lot easier! This tuXfile discusses mainly command line shortcuts, but some X Window System shortcuts are also included.

The Vim commands cheat sheet

Modified: 05 Sep 2009
Category: Tips and cheat sheets
Description: A Vim cheat sheet, listing some useful, essential and most often used Vim commands.

How to edit and understand /etc/fstab

Updated: 05 Sept 2009
Category: File systems and directories
Description: The mounting tuXfile follow-up. Learn how a configuration file called /etc/fstab is used in conjunction with the mount command. If you have troubles accessing stuff like floppies, CDs, or M$ Windoze partitions, you probably have a misconfigured /etc/fstab file.

What's a window manager?

Modified: 04 May 2006
Category: X Window System
Description: When talking about the graphical user interface in Linux, people use such confusing terms as "X Windows", "Window Manager", and "Desktop Environment". If you wonder what's the difference between these three, read this tuXfile and things won't be so confusing anymore.

How to block Firefox Flash popups

Created: 15 Nov 2005
Category: Tips and cheat sheets
Description: Have you noticed that even though you have your Firefox browser set to block popups, some popups seem to be slipping through mysteriously? Learn what causes those annoying popups and how to get rid of them.

How to change a file's owner and group

Created: 10 Oct 2005
Category: Working with files
Description: Learn how to change the owner and group ownership of files and directories with the chown and chgrp commands.

Spaces and special characters in a file name

Updated: 09 Oct 2005
Category: The shell and command line
Description: How to deal with files that have spaces or special characters in their names, like $, ?, \, *, and so on.

Viewing and searching the man pages

Modified: 09 Oct 2005
Category: Finding more help
Description: The man pages are the quickest way to get help with your Linux problems. Learn to use and search them.

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