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Note that these tutorials are mainly specific to the bash shell, because it's so widely used and is the default shell on most Linux systems. However, the info in these tuXfiles may apply to other shells as well.

Linux command line terminology
What's a shell? Or a command prompt? Learn what are the command line and shell, how to get started with the command line, and what are virtual terminals and terminal emulators.

Automatic file name completion
One of the most useful CLI features. You don't have to type or even remember long file names at the Linux command line, because the shell does the typing for you!

Spaces and special characters in a file name
How to deal with files that have spaces or special characters in their names, like $, ?, \, *, and so on.

The powerful bash wildcards
Without these cool little things called shell wildcards working on the command line would be pretty painful. So make sure you start using the wildcards!

Redirecting standard input and output
Many command line programs use a feature called input/output redirection. This powerful feature allows you to "glue" simple commands together in order to construct more complex commands.

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An introduction to the Linux command line
If you know nothing about the Linux command line and don't know which tuXfiles you should read first, start here. This is a list of tuXfiles from different categories, teaching you the basics of the Linux command line.

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