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What's a window manager?
When talking about the graphical user interface in Linux, people use such confusing terms as "X Windows", "Window Manager", and "Desktop Environment". If you wonder what's the difference between these three, read this tuXfile and things won't be so confusing anymore.

Changing the default window manager
How to change your default window manager or desktop. Although it's a simple thing to do, it's one of the hardest to figure out.

Change from text login to graphical login
Learn how to start the X Window System automatically when your Linux system boots up, so you'll have a graphical login. Or, the other way around: if you're already booting to X Windows, learn how to boot to the command line.

Running multiple X sessions
You can run two or more sessions of X at the same time!

Move the mouse cursor with keyboard
You can move your mouse cursor without even touching the mouse. You'll just need to use the keys in your number pad.

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Linux keyboard shortcuts
Although this tuXfile discusses mostly command line shortcuts, some X Window System shortcuts are also listed.
Category: Tips and cheat sheets

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